2014 Grains Young Farming Champions

Daniel Fox

Fifth generation farmer Daniel Fox’s family has been farming in the Marrar district of NSW for more than eighty years. It’s all hands on deck at his family’s sheep and dryland cropping property, with three generations of men and women always at the ready to help out. Daniel recently graduated from Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, with a double degree in Science and Education, and is happy to be back home on the farm.

“Now I have graduated from University, I look forward to the exciting next stage in my life where I can begin to take a greater role in the management of the family farm, as well as taking every opportunity to raise awareness about how we farm, why we do it and why we love it.”

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Diana George

Diana George believes nothing in life can beat getting on the header during harvest – especially when you have a great season! Based near Nevertire, NSW, Diana’s family run a dry-land cropping operation, alongside small herds of Angus cattle and Dorper sheep. Keen to try her hand at all things ag related, Diana has won numerous awards for judging cattle and handlers classes, and she is also qualified to pregnancy test and artificially inseminate cattle. Last year Diana took out the 2013 Rob Seekamp Memorial Scholarship and in 2014 an RAS of NSW Foundation Scholarship and a Coca-Cola and the Australian Council of Agricultural Societies Scholarship. She’s currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Agriculture at UNE.

“Agriculture is a part of who I am, I wouldn’t be the same without it. I am a farmer’s daughter and very proud to be part of the next generation of female farmers!”

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Jessica Kirkpatrick

Meet Jessica Kirkpatrick, a 19-year-old university student, grain analyst and stud sheep breeder. Jessica’s family has been farming near Beaufort, Victoria, for 150 years. At just 12 years old, Jessica established her own Border Leicester stud, “Jessie James”, in partnership with her younger brother. For four months of the year Jessica works as grain sampler and manager of classification and the sampling arm, at the Lakaput Bulk Storage facility for wheat, barley, oats and canola. With aspirations for a career as a grains agronomist, Jessica is currently studying a Bachelor of Agricultural Science in Wagga Wagga.

"We know how good our industry is so we must show it off to others! When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible.”

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Rebecca Thistlethwaite

From the beach to the bush, Rebecca Thistlethwaite believes all young people should experience the pleasure of a day of life on a farm. Growing up in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire, Rebecca’s love of agriculture grew from visiting her family’s hobby farm on weekends and holidays. Rebecca is currently based in Narrabri, undertaking her PhD with the help of a Grains Research and Development Postgraduate Scholarship to study plant breeding and genetics at the University of Sydney.

“Did you know that wheat is the staple food of almost half the world’s population and approximately 30,000 farmers grow wheat in Australia? It’s no wonder I saw this as a fast-moving field I wanted to get involved in as soon as I could.”

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2013 Cattle and Sheep Young Farming Champions

Jasmine Nixon
Wagga Wagga, NSW

"My passion is agriculture and I am proud to say I love my beef cows! Every day I know that I am contributing to help feed the world – and I also love what I do. Agriculture is an exciting place to be, yes there are challenges but there are also endless different opportunities within agriculture and that is something I hope to share and encourage a new generation to take on the challenge to help feed the world!"

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Hannah Barber
Parkes, NSW

“Education is the key to ensuring the Australian agricultural industry is understood and supported by our urban cousins and I look forward to a career where I can achieve this, and then come home to the farm every evening.”

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Danille Fox
St George, Queensland

"I see today’s agricultural industry as exciting and challenging and I feel privileged to be a part of an industry which is so vital to Australia’s future. I look forward to contributing to the industry through my veterinary profession and AGvoccay roles."

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Naomi Hobson
Georgetown, Queensland

“It doesn’t matter what your background may be all you need is enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and the ability to say yes to the opportunities that are presented to you and I guarantee a great adventure will be waiting! After all, as Dorothea wrote… Core of my heart, my country! Land of the Rainbow Gold, For flood and fire and famine, She pays us back threefold..”

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Stephanie Fowler
Wagga Wagga, NSW

Steph grew up on the Central Coast of New South Wales in a small coastal suburb, Green Point. A decision to study agriculture in high school created a passion for showing cattle and in 2012 she started a PhD in Meat and Livestock Science, with a project that is looking at the potential of Raman Spectroscopy in predicting meat quality.

“When I was growing up I never dreamed that I would end up joining an incredibly rewarding, innovative and exciting industry that would take me across the country and around the world.”

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Bronwyn Roberts
Emerald, QLD

Bronwyn is a Grazing Land Management Officer with the Fitzroy Basin Association. Her family has a long association with the cattle industry in Queensland and her parents currently run a 5500 acre cattle property near Capella.

“I believe consumers have lost touch of how and where their food and fibre is produced. In these current times where agriculture is competing with other industry for land use, labour, funding and services, it is important that we have a strong network of consumers who support the industry and accept our social license as the trusted and sustainable option.”

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Kylie Stretton
Charters Towers, QLD

Kylie Stretton and her husband have a livestock business in Northern Queensland, where they also run Brahman cattle. Kylie is the co-creator of “Ask An Aussie Farmer” a social media hub for people to engage with farmers and learn about food and fibre production.

“The industry has advanced from the images of “Farmer Joe” in the dusty paddock to images of young men and women from diverse backgrounds working in a variety of professions. Images now range from a hands-on job in the dusty red centre to an office job in inner city Sydney. So many opportunities, so many choices.”

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Kylie Schuller

In 2001 my family started our shorthorn herd, “Outback Shorthorns”. We don’t have generations of farming history, and we don’t even own any land. But like other primary producers we love what we do and work hard to produce cattle that results in the healthiest and tastiest beef possible sitting on the consumer’s plate. We take pride in providing beef to our local butcher and enjoy being able to connect directly with our consumers in this way.

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Tegan Nock

Agriculture has allowed Tegan to combine her love of science and business to create a career focusing on productivity and sustainability. With a particular interest in conservation farming she operates a wheat property with her family in the central west of NSW, along with managing ‘Yandilla Angus’. Acting as the Chair of the NSW Young Farmers Council, Tegan spends her spare time advocating for the future of agriculture on behalf of the youth in NSW.

2014 Cattle and Sheep Young Farming Champions

Tim Eyes

Tim was always the ‘the country boy stuck on concrete,” growing up on the NSW Central Coast. Attending Tocal Ag College from year 10 saw him realise his dreams, studying and working in agriculture in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. At 19 years old he started his own farm consultation and management business. Two years later, Tim manages two commercial beef properties, a Charolais stud show cattle team, and his own poultry business.

“I am very proud to be part of this important industry and playing my part in helping farmers adapt their farming practices to suit the soil and climate of their farms, and the changing climate conditions.”

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Casey Dahl

Casey grew up on a cattle property near Baralaba, Central Queensland. But it took a gap year working at an English boarding school for the realisation to hit: her calling was back home, working in agriculture. Currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at the University of Queensland, Casey is about to embark on her honours project researching preservation of bovine semen.

“We need to share how wonderful agriculture is, how beautiful the land is, and how passionate we are about it. It doesn’t matter what part each of us take, we need to remember that working together is by far the most effective way.”

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Prue Capp

Prue’s love for agriculture started in the Hunter Valley on her family’s beef cattle and stockhorse-breeding property. With a Bachelor of Agribusiness under her belt, Prue is also a qualified equine dentist, running her own business while studying Veterinary Science at Charles Sturt University. She is an Australian Stock Horse judge and youth committee co-founder, and is highly involved with her local and state Agricultural Society Councils. Last year Prue was named the 2013 Trans-Tasman National Rural Ambassador.

As a young agriculturalist, I believe education is the key to the future of the agricultural industry and by further study I will be able to contribute to its future… I believe in the future of farming and the sustainability of agriculture, and I thrive on the opportunity to be an ambassador for agriculture.”

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Josh Gilbert

Despite growing up around wheat and sheep near Boorowa, NSW, Josh’s interest in agriculture started on his Great Grandparent’s dairy and beef cattle farms on the Mid North Coast. Currently in his final year of a law degree, Josh is completing a finance cadetship at the ABC, but his dream is to provide high quality legal advice to those living in the country, while building a large scale agricultural corporation. Josh is a Chair of the NSW Farmers- Young Farmers Council and part of the Alumni of the prestigious Woolworths Agriculture Business Scholarship program.

“We have a real chance to make these dreams a reality. We have the opportunity to make the agricultural profession as reputable and important to others as it once was. It won’t be easy, it will require a cohesive and collaborative mindset but the rewards will be great.”

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Geoff Birchnell

Geoff’s dream of becoming a farmer was realised at 9 years old, when his family moved from the city to a cattle property near Tamworth. His family operate a cattle stud, a commercial beef cattle herd, and grow seasonal fodder crops. Now a chartered accountant in Brisbane by day, Geoff’s love for agriculture still consumes his weekends. His career highlight to date came when his stud bull Avignon Absolute was crowned 2011 Grand Champion of Sydney Royal Easter Show.

“Enabling the next generation of farmers to feed the world sustainably requires knowledge, adoption and implementation of both existing and new technologies, and paddock to plate collaboration and training. It is my mission to ensure that I continue to grow, learn and share my knowledge and skills with my peers…”

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Anika Molesworth

In far western NSW, near Broken Hill, Anika’s family run Dorper sheep for the prime lamb market. After high school Anika jillarooed on large scale beef properties across Queensland, before completing a Bachelor of Science (Agribusiness) at Charles Sturt University, followed by her Masters in Sustainable Agriculture. Now an agribusiness banker with Suncorp Bank in the Riverina region of Griffith, Anika loves being able to work across a wide range of farming industries, though her heart lies with lamb.

“I have a great passion for and strong personal investment in Australia’s sheep meat industry, and hope to inspire others to embrace the diverse and rewarding opportunities that this industry has to offer. We need ambitious and innovative people who see past the status quo to embrace sustainable farming now and into the future.”

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2013 Cotton Young Farming Champions

Martin Murray

Art4Agriculture Cotton Young Farming Champion Martin Murray’s childhood on a rice and sheep farm in the NSW Riverina sparked a love for farming that has evolved into a career in cotton. While at boarding school in Sydney, Martin’s school holidays were spent working on a cotton farm near Moree. After high school he worked on a cattle station in the Northern Territory before undertaking a Rural Science degree at University Of New England. Now back in the Riverina managing an irrigated cotton farm Martin says, “My major goal is to own and run my own mixed cattle and cropping property, while continuing to promote agriculture and bridging the rural urban divide.” In his spare time Martin blogs on The Farming Game. Last year he rode a postie bike from Moree, NSW, to Broome, WA, raising more than $10,000 for charity Aussie Helpers.

“Bringing the farm to schools and introducing students to young farmers is a great way to… not only help build awareness of and interest in agriculture but also help create a new generation of agricultural-savvy Australians.”

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Ben Egan

"It’s my passion, my job, it’s my life!” says Art4Agriculture Cotton Young Farming Champion Ben Egan. A 6th generation farmer from central west NSW, Ben’s family farm grazes around 700 cattle and grows sorghum, wheat, canola and chick peas, but their main crop is cotton. At boarding school in Sydney Ben says he was “astonished at how little some of the city boys knew about life on a farm and living in the country.” After school he spent 12 months working in England before returning to Australia to work at Eva Downs and Camfield Station in the Northern Territory. Ben has a Bachelor of Business (Farm Management) from Marcus Oldham College and now works back home, involved in all aspects of planting, managing and harvesting, and is currently implementing improved irrigation methods.

“Where are all the young farmers? We’re here, we just need to be heard and be given a chance,” Ben says. “I challenge the young people of today to put their hand up and be heard, ask questions, challenge the status quo, support our farmers and just have a go!”

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Kirsty McCormack

Art4Agriculture Cotton Young Farming Champion Kirsty McCormack has been immersed in rural life ever since she can remember. Growing up on 75acres in NSW’s New England region, she was a lover of horses, camp drafting and polocrosse, though she dreamed of being a lawyer. A timetable clash during high school forced Kirsty to study Agriculture – and she loved it! Thanks to industry sponsorship Kirsty attended the biannual Cotton Australia Cotton Conference where she was “blown away by the innovation, eagerness and pride that everyone there exuded about their passion – cotton. I came home all hyped on information, thinking about all the possibilities that this little plant had to offer me.” Kirsty is currently studying a Bachelor of Rural Science at University of New England and spends her holidays bug checking and nutrition sampling cotton crops across NSW.

“When I finish my Rural Science degree I would like to complete a diploma of education to inspire other students the way my agricultural teacher did.”

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Elizabeth Lobsey

Liz Lobsey isn’t from a typical farming background and though the 2014 Art4Agriculture Cotton Young Farming Champion’s family connection to the land is minimal, she says “My passion for the industry is enormous!” An agronomist based in Toowoomba, Qld, and a keen agricultural advocate, Liz was introduced to agriculture during high school. Though she first thought agriculture was dirty and boring, Liz soon learned there was a lot more under the surface! Now she works with innovative, inspiring and passionate people every day, assisting growers to make decisions about how to nurture their crops to produce the best yields with the lowest production costs and minimum impact to the environment.

“When I think about agriculture I think about people, I think about innovation, I think about passion and commitment,” Liz says. “There is so much more involved with working on a farm or within the industry than what appears on the surface. The passion of the people in this industry is infectious and the resilience of the people in this industry its own life lesson.”

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Tamsin Quirk
Moree, NSW

Tamsin grew up in Moree but is not from a farm. An enthusiastic teacher at high school who encouraged the students to better understand the natural world sparked Tamsin’s interest in agriculture. She is now studying agricultural science at the University of New England.

“Growing up in Moree has shown me is how important it is to have young people in the industry with a fiery passion and a desire to educate those who aren’t fully aware of the valuable role our farmers play in feeding and clothing not only Australians but many other people around the world.”

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Richard Quigley
Trangie, NSW

Richie is a fifth-generation farmer at Trangie in central-western NSW. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at the University of Sydney and in the long term, intends to return to the family farm, a 6000-hectare mixed-cropping, cotton and livestock operation.

“It’s fantastic to help people understand how their food and
fibre is produced and to represent the agricultural industry.
Most of the students I talked to are from the city so they
haven’t been exposed to agriculture on the kind of scale we
work on.”

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Billy Browning
Narromine, NSW

Billy Browning grew up in the small town of Narromine located in the central west of NSW. He is the third generation to be farming on the family property ‘Narramine Station’ located on the Macquarie River. They grow wheat, canola, cotton and corn depending on the seasonal conditions and availability of water.

“My love for agriculture has grown via the farm and studying agriculture at school where I became fascinated by the science and technology that underpins the sector. I work full-time on the farm when I am home. I am involved in all operations, irrigation, harvest, picking, spraying, earth-moving, sowing and general farm maintenance. This has led me to realise the important relationship between farm inputs and outputs and why smart business thinking is the key to sustainable farming. This realisation has lead me to studying agricultural economics at the University of Sydney. Although I haven’t decided on what part of the industry I want to end up in, I know that I am trying to make the most of the opportunities out there and taking on everything along the way I hope by sharing my story it will show you like me you can have a bright future in the agriculture sector. I encourage those with an interest or even a niggling to go and ask questions as many questions as you would like There are plenty of people wanting to help.”

2014 Cotton Young Farming Champions

Laura Bennett

The cotton fields of western NSW are a long way from Laura’s seaside childhood on the Mid North Coast, where she grew up growing beef and bananas. Laura was “captivated by everything cotton” after a summer working on a cotton property in Narrabri. So much so, that she swapped her coveted place in a Veterinary Science degree at Charles Sturt University, to a Bachelor of Agricultural Science. Still studying and having just finished her second summer of bug checking cotton bolls, Laura says her passion and love for the cotton is endless.

“I want to be part of the young generation of agriculturalists that are responsible for changing the face of agriculture in the community and reconnecting farmers and the people who eat their produce and wear the fibres they grow.”

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Dwayne Schubert

Dwayne believes life is too short to not have a crack at something you’re passionate about. And it seems the mantra has served this Gunnedah based agronomist very well. Following his school years on the NSW Mid North Coast, Dwayne studied a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Charles Sturt University. During his time at CSU Dwayne travelled to Vietnam – an experience he says highlighted just how important agriculture is to countries all around the world – and to New Zealand as part of the Grain Growers Australian University Crops Competition. Since graduating, Dwayne has spent the last three years planning, preparing and managing cotton crops for growers in NSW’s upper Namoi.

“In a world where information sharing is often only the touch of a button away, sharing the stories of the people behind the clothes we wear and the food we eat is becoming a lost art… I am passionate about sharing how rewarding my career is with the wider community…”

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Naomi Mulligan

Naomi is a third generation cotton grower whose love for the industry began on her family’s property near Moree, NSW. From her very first tractor driving shifts at age 12, Naomi is now proud to be highly involved in every aspect of preparing and planting her family’s cotton crop. Currently working full time on a cattle and cropping property at Croppa Creek, NSW, Naomi is also completing her first year of tertiary agriculture studies via correspondence.

“It’s easy to see why people who aren’t fortunate enough to grow up the way I did often struggle to understand the role of agriculture in today’s society. But I believe my firsthand experience and knowledge, from growing up on the front line, gives me the ability to educate and inspire others.”

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Alexander Stephen

Goondiwindi cotton farmer Alexander Stephen spent his childhood surrounded by cotton and obsessed with machinery. At 18 he graduated from the Australian Agriculture College with a Diploma in Agriculture. Alexander worked in farmhand and caretaker roles in southern Queensland before heading overseas, working with a harvest contractor across the US. Since his return to the Australian cotton industry in 2012, Alexander has worked on an irrigated cotton/dryland grain farming property near Goondiwindi. He’s currently completing a Diploma in Cotton Production, through the University of New England.

“… It is essential that we as a growing community aspire to build on our high achieving attributes. That’s why I see that it is very important to build relationships outside the farming community, to show how professional Australian farmers are generate pride in the community and abroad for what they grow and produce.”

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2013 DAIRY young farming champions

Jessica Monteith
Berry, NSW

Jess was introduced to the dairy industry by a childhood friend whose parents owned a dairy farm. She is currently undertaking a Traineeship in Financial services through Horizon Credit Union while completing full time study for a double degree in Agricultural Science and Agribusiness Finance through Charles Sturt University.

“I am hoping to follow a career path in finance related to and working one-on-one with our farmers to develop their industries and operations to work to full capacity as well as continuing to work with the next generation. The fact that I don’t come from a farming background helps show that exciting agriculture related careers and opportunities are available to everyone.”

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Tom Pearce
Bega, NSW

Tom is a fourth generation dairy farmer from Bega and is actively involved in a range of industry activities including Holstein Australia Youth Committee and the National All Dairy Breeds Youth Camp.

“The fact is there is a fair majority of the population that doesn’t realise how their food gets from paddock to plate. If we want agricultural production to double over the next 30 years to feed the predicted 9 Billion people we have a big task ahead of us. This will require farmers and communities working cooperatively for mutual benefit.”

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Andrew Darcy

I am a 5th generation dairy farmer from the Bega Valley. I am passionate about the future of agriculture and believe that there are endless opportunities in this industry.
Over the years the dairy industry has created many great opportunities for me. I have been fortunate enough to travel throughout Australia & New Zealand on several different educational tours and conferences which has allowed me to gain a broader perspective on all different aspects involved in the dairy industry. These experiences have allowed me to view how far the Australian dairy industry has come over the past 100 years as well as highlighted the potential for the future of dairy and Australian agriculture.

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Cassie MacDonald

I grew up in suburbia on the South Coast of NSW, born to a chef and a TAFE teacher/mechanic. We lived a typical 'city' life, small house, small backyard; no real exposure to agriculture. In 1999, a massive family move to the Snowy Mountains when I was ten saw the start of the big change in my life, most significantly moving closer to the opportunity to be exposed to agriculture. Six years of living on a farm alongside a great agricultural education and involvement in the Rural Youth club and the stud Ayrshire cattle team built the foundations for my love and commitment for rural Australian and our agricultural industries. I desperately wanted to become a veterinarian to continue my work with cattle, and ultimately agriculture.

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2013 WOOL young farming champions

Lauren Crothers
Dirranbandi, QLD

Lauren is passionate about the wool industry and spent her gap year on a remote sheep station in Western NSW increasing her hands-on knowledge. Lauren is now studying a Bachelor of Agribusiness at the University of Queensland.

“Every family needs a farmer. No matter who you are, your gender, your background or where you live you can become involved in this amazing industry.”

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Stephanie Grills
Armidale, NSW

Steph Grills’ family has been farming in the New England Tablelands since 1881 and the original family farm remains in the family to this day. Steph is combining a career on the farm with her four sisters with a Bachelor of Livestock Science at the University of New England.

“I believe the future for Australian agriculture will be very bright. I am excited to be part of an innovative industry that is leading the world in technology and adapting it on a practical level. I’m very proud to say that Agriculture has been passed down over nine known generations and spans over three centuries just in my family. My hope is that this continues, and that the future generations can be just as proud as I am that they grow world-class food and fibre. I also hope by sharing my story I can inspire other young people to follow me into an agricultural career.”

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Samantha Townsend
Lyndhurst, NSW

Sammi is passionate about encouraging young people to explore careers in agriculture and has a website and blog where she showcases the diversity of opportunities. In 2012 Sammi commenced studying Agricultural Business Management at Charles Sturt University in Orange.

“I have found that being an Art4Ag YFC has helped my University this year. This was my first year at University and my first time out there and finding my feet. Taking on this role helped give me a lot of confidence and it has also broadened my own knowledge about my own industry. It is amazing how many things you take for granted until you have to tell someone about them! I was elected President of the Ag Club at Uni in the middle of the year and it is a role I thought I never would have had the confidence to take on. With the opportunities I have been given this year through Art4Ag, I have a new-found confidence to have a go at tackling anything.”

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Bessie Blore

Former television news journalist, Queensland-born Bessie Blore has been farming in far west NSW with her husband for two years. Approaching agriculture with fresh eyes, she admits to learning on the run.

Her number one lesson?
“There is really no such thing as a stupid question or action. That’s the only way you can learn about something you know nothing about. “Ask, ask, ask. And give a big cheeky grin when you make a mistake, say sorry, and move on.”

Bessie reminds us
… there is room for fresh blood in our farming future, and there are new, inspiring, exciting stories to be started from today… Read more about Bessie here

Read more about Bessie HERE

View her video HERE

Jo Newton

A thirst for learning and a passion for sheep took city-girl Jo Newton to Armidale in NSW to study agriculture.
She is now studying a PhD exploring the factors that influence successful early reproductive performance in ewes. Jo proves that studying agriculture can lead to a world of opportunities and she shares her story at any opportunity.
“As important a job as farming is, there are many different jobs in our sector,” she said.
“(That’s) something many people don't fully understand.
I am proud of the agricultural sector and my small role in it and am happy to share my story with as many of city friends as I can.”

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Cassie Baile

Cassie Baile is a fifth generation sheep farmer from Bendemeer in the New England region of New South Wales. Cassie now lives and works in Sydney, for Elders as a Wool Technical Support Officer at the Yennora Wool Selling Centre. She has begun auctioneering at the weekly Sydney Wool Sales and loving every minute of the diversity her job entails.

Read more about Cassie HERE

Adele Offley

Adele Offley is a qualified Wool Classer with a lifelong passion for wool stemming from the fascination of watching the sheep being shorn and the wool sorted in the shearing shed growing up on the family farm.

‘I would like to encourage everyone, regardless of background, to seriously consider agriculture as a career option. There is a huge diversity of roles and opportunities on offer in the agriculture sector.’

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View her video HERE

2014 Wool Young Farming Champions

Peta Bradley

Peta Bradley was drawn to the excitement of stock work on her family’s sheep and cereal cropping property near Armatree, Central West NSW, from a young age. During high school she became involved in sheep showing and judging, successfully competing in the biggest sheep shows across Australia. Last year she became the youngest member appointed to the Australian Stud Sheep Breeder’s Association NSW judging panels. Peta is currently in her first year of a Bachelor of Animal Science in Armidale.

“The passion that the land imprints upon you will leave you longing for the rolling hills or the flat, open, golden plains. We must harness this passion and combine it with the new technologies to prepare ourselves for the promising, productive future of Australian agriculture.”

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Emma Turner

Sixth generation wool producer Emma Turner grew up on her family’s Merino sheep station south of Ivanhoe, western NSW. Loving animals is just part of the job for Emma, who’s always accompanied by pet dogs and poddy lambs. And they’ve inspired her to study a Bachelor of Agriculture Science after her gap year. “My dream is to study genetics and the role it could play in breeding a hardier, more drought resistant Merino,” Emma says.

“I believe the long term future of the Australian agriculture sector relies on farmers and the community working together. Fresh ideas and innovative solutions are needed to start building these partnerships and I am doing what I have always done, and that is putting my hand up to be on the team.”

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Tom Tourle

Dubbo based Tom Tourle admits to being the very same “bike riding, animal loving, pliers wielding” kind of guy he was as a kid. He’s got a thirst for education, completing stock handling and marketing courses fresh out of high school, before heading to North Queensland as a cattle station ringer. In 2013 Tom completed Certificate III & IV in Agriculture, a wool classing course, and his training and education certificate. When he’s not teaching at Western College, Tom’s starting his own grazing enterprise while working full time at the family farm.

“Everything I’m doing is taking me to where I need to be. Where that utopia might be, I have no idea, but I’m pretty sure it involves me, on our property, surrounded by healthy animals, lots of grass, on a bike and with a big smile on my face, just like when I was a kid.”

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Pat Morgan

Patrick Morgan is a fifth generation sheep and cropping farmer, a professional wool classer and a university student. For now he’s focussed on completing a Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management in Wagga Wagga. But Patrick grabs every opportunity to travel home Colbinabbin, Victoria, to help his grandfather, father and five brothers run the family farm. Patrick says, “if the rest of the farming community is anything like me, they take a great deal of satisfaction of succeeding in this occupation.”

“For me a career in agriculture is the ultimate goal. To plant a seed and watch it grow and be harvested to feed many. To nurture a new born lamb and gather its wool to clothe others. To have the opportunity to share my story and showcase how good our agriculture sector is. I believe it’s a career and a goal second to none.”

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Danila Marini

Danila Marini was a city kid from Adelaide who’d never set foot on a farm. Now she’s a second year PhD student researching sheep. The interest was sparked at just 9 years old, when Danila’s dad started a small hobby farm. After high school she completed a Bachelor of Animal Science at Adelaide University. A combined love of sheep and research lead her to pursue a PhD project focussed on animal welfare. The catch? She had to move cross country to Armidale, NSW, where you’ll find her today – training sheep to self-administer pain relief drugs.

“Many think I’m mad having gone on to do a PhD, some days I think I am too, but thanks to the support from family, friends and my supervisors at CSIRO and UNE, I am so glad I have started this journey. So here’s to a future of research, helping the agricultural sector and helping animals!”

Read more about Danila HERE

2014 Eggs and Poultry Young Farming Champions

Georgia Clark

Animal and Veterinary Bioscience student Georgia Clark has a passion for all things poultry. A few years ago the now 20-year-old began her own purebred poultry stud on a small farm near Lake Macquarie, NSW, with a focus on sustainability and the continuation of rare dual purpose and bantam breeds.
Heavily involved in the community, Georgia is chief steward of the poultry section at her local show – resurrecting the section after a 30 year show absence. In 2013 Georgia took home two Champion poultry titles at the Sydney Royal Easer Show, completed a 2013 Woolworth Agribusiness Scholarship, implemented a poultry unit at her local primary school and resurrected the local pony club.
Georgia also breeds Huacaya alpacas, and has a desire to expand into beef cattle – her family’s agricultural roots. She is a 2014 Royal Agricultural Society Rural Achiever, and a strong believer in encouraging young people to become involved in agriculture and their local communities.

“Relationships with the community are a perfect opportunity to promote agriculture as a career for people both young and old, and to connect and encourage young minds to the important opportunities and challenges of food and fibre production.”

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Art4Agriculture Ambassadors

Our Art4Agriculture ambassadors are selected from the exciting cohort of Australian agriculture’s dynamic and inspiring Emerging Leaders

Catherine Marriott

Dynamic and dedicated, Catherine Marriott has a dream that one day producers and consumers will have an equal passion, respect and understanding for food production in Australia.
Catherine’s enthusiasm for agriculture has taken her from a sheep farming childhood in rural Victoria, to working as a technical consultant for the Australian and Asian beef industries, studying in the US, travelling Australia and New Zealand as a rural communication and leadership expert, and to her current home in Binningup, Western Australia.
In 2012 Catherine was the national runner up and Western Australian winner of the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation’s (RIRDC) Rural Women’s Award. From this she founded Influential Women, a company with the goal of encouraging and enabling women to better advocate on behalf of rural and regional Australia.
Today she travels the country conducting Influential Women workshops, fulfilling her dream by inspiring others to tell the amazing stories of Australian agriculture.

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Alex Milner-Smyth

Alex Milner-Smyth is an agribusiness professional with a passion for the importance of getting the next generation involved.
With more than ten years of experience working in the agricultural sector – for employers such as Elders, Landmark and the South Australian No-Till Farmer’s Association – Alex noticed a space in the market for professional media, marketing and event management services aimed specifically to rural and agricultural businesses.
Last year Alex formed a partnership to fill this gap and Rustic Evolutions was born. As managing director and CEO Alex’s entrepreneurial drive has secured clients such as the Australian Controlled Traffic Farming Association and SA horticultural group Hortex.
In 2012 Alex was awarded the Agricultural Bureau of South Australia's Rural Youth Bursary and the PIR SA Year of the Farmer Award, which allowed her to undertake a study tour of cover cropping in the USA.
From these experiences, Alex is an avid supporter of programs and initiatives for young agri-professionals, which open doors for career development and foster a more inclusive industry.

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